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Calistoga Napa Valley is California’s best spa destination. Our Calistoga hot springs spas are world famous, and have made Calistoga the mud bath capital of the world. This website features three Calistoga Napa Valley spas: Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa and Resort, Lincoln Avenue Spa, and Cedar Street Spa. Each has its own unique Calistoga spa treatments. Together, these three Calistoga California spas offer the complete range of the Napa Valley spa experience.

Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs and Resort is renowned for its mud baths for couples. This one-hour classic Calistoga spa experience is enjoyed in a private treatment room, and includes the mud bath, Calistoga hot springs mineral Jacuzzi, and blanket wrap. Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa also offers massage, herbal facials and European Body Wraps, as well as couples day spa packages. Golden Haven also has 28 affordable Calistoga hotel rooms. Our room and spa packages offer some of the best values of any Napa Valley spa.

Lincoln Avenue Spa will be your favorite Napa Valley day spa if you prefer an alternative to the Calistoga mud bath or just want to rejuvenate in one of the most beautiful buildings in Napa Valley. Located in a century old stone building, Lincoln Avenue Spa offers a variety of couples body mud treatments, including a wine mud and a variety of other Caliostoga day spa treatments. The mud treatment is prepared exclusively for each client. After the mud is applied, you relax on specially designed steam tables. In addition to some of the best massages and herbal facials in Calistoga, Lincoln Avenue now features an invigorating and cleansing salt scrub body treatment.

Cedar Street Spa is Calistoga’s premier massage center. Our therapists are among the best in Napa Valley. Each has perfected specialized massage techniques, including Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Cedar Street Spa also features a variety of signature all natural Herbal Facials for men and women, and several refresher spa treatments that offer the best of the Calistoga spa experience.

Calistoga Golden Haven Mud Baths Calistoga Golden Haven Mud Baths
Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs: Napa Valley's Couples Spa

Nestled in the heart of the Napa Valley, in the beautiful town of Calistoga, California, this spa makes a perfect getaway—whether for an overnight stay or as a Calistoga day spa.

Featuring private Calistoga mud baths for couples, Calistoga hot springs mineral pool, massage, herbal facials and affordable lodging.

1713 Lake Street
Calistoga, Napa Valley, California 94515
Calistoga Lincoln Avenue Spa Massages Calistoga Lincoln Avenue Spa Massages
Calistoga Lincoln Avenue Spa: Napa Valley's Best Day Spa

Come to where pampering is a way of life. Lincoln Avenue Spa, in Calistoga, California offers personalized spa treatments in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This ultimate realm of relaxation is set in the center of Calistoga in a beautiful historic stone building. Lincoln Avenue Spa will become your favorite Calistoga day spa.

1339 Lincoln Avenue
Calistoga, Napa Valley, California 94515
Calistoga Cedar Street Spa Stone Massages Calistoga Cedar Street Spa Stone Massages
Calistoga Cedar Street Spa: Napa Valley's Massage Center

Calistoga’s massage center specializes in bodywork and facials, offering a variety of treatments to suit individualized needs. Specialized massage along with popular Spa Refresher treatments.

Whether this will be your first massage, or your hundredth, Cedar Street Spa will be your premier Napa Valley massage center.

1107 Cedar Street
Calistoga, Napa Valley, California 94515
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Lincoln Avenue Spa
: Calistoga’s Finest Day Spa

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